Customer Journey Analytics Software

Pointillist customer journey analytics software rapidly uncovers customer insights,
so you can dramatically improve marketing and customer experience.
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Visualize Real Customer Journeys

Traditional analytics tools and journey mapping tools can’t help you uncover the unscripted actions and behaviors that occur in the real world. Pointillist’s customer journey analytics software reveals the actual paths your customers take as they engage with your company across touchpoints and over time, uncovering high impact opportunities and obstacles along the path-to-purchase and path-to-advocacy/loyalty.

Use Customer Journey Analytics Software to Quickly Understand Customer Behavior Across Touchpoints
Use Customer Journey Analytics Software to Uncover and Predict High-Impact Customer Journeys

Track Real-Time Journey-Based Metrics & KPIs

Pointillist provides a direct quantitative link between customer behavior and hard metrics like revenue, profitability, cost-of-acquisition, funnel conversion rates, churn, customer lifetime value, CSAT, NPS® and many others. Unlike other customer analytics solutions, Pointillist lets you connect the dots between customer interactions and business goals in seconds, rather than days or weeks.

Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Your customers expect personalized experiences driven by their current preferences and recent interactions. Pointillist enables you to engage your customers at optimal points along their journey, in real time and through the most effective channels.

Use Customer Journey Analytics Software to Drive Personalized, Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Unify Customer Data Across All Channels, Tools & Systems

Pointillist brings together data from your entire technology stack to provide a
single, unified view of your customers and their journeys. 

Customer Journey Analytics 101

Quantify the customer journey & customer experience with tangible metrics, actionable data and real results: the essential 60+ page guide to customer journey analytics for marketing & CX


Ready to discover and optimize
your customers’ journeys?

Ready to discover
and optimize your
customers’ journeys?