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Swati is an experienced marketer who loves to dabble at the cross-section of marketing technology, customer journeys and how to improve customer experience.

How To Measure Customer Experience Beyond NPS

Providing an exceptional customer experience consistently is hard. Measuring customer experience and tying it to tangible business outcomes is harder still. This post discusses which customer experience metrics to use and how to improve them to quantify, monitor and enhance your customer experience by taking a journey-driven approach.

How To Choose Customer Journey Analytics Software That’s Right For You

Customer journey analytics is a lot more than a software solution—it is a whole new approach to marketing and customer experience. To do it right means to become customer-obsessed and not just customer-focused. This blog post will help define the 8 most important factors to include in your evaluation when selecting a customer journey analytics platform.

Improve Your Marketing Technology Stack With Customer Journey Analytics

Customer journey analytics platforms are a great, even necessary, addition to your marketing technology stack across both B2C and B2B companies. From segmentation, targeting and journey discovery to customer behavior monitoring and engagement, customer journey analytics tools enhance marketing campaigns every step of the way and deliver more value from your martech stack.

How To Optimize Omnichannel Customer Journeys With Customer Journey Analytics

A large majority of companies still see each device and each interaction as a separate customer, fracturing the customer journey into disparate fragments. This post explains why optimizing omnichannel customer journeys is critically important, the constraints in doing so, and how customer journey analytics can help.

Why Traditional Marketing Analytics Tools Fail and What To Do About It

Traditional marketing analytics tools are not up to delivering the real-time, robust results CMOs demand today in order to be truly responsive to customer needs. This post explains why traditional marketing analytics tools often fail in a world where the volume, velocity and variability of data has dramatically transformed and what do do about it.

Top 20 Martech Resources

Summer is in full swing and you want nothing more than to sip margaritas on a beach. But marketers aren’t allowed to slack off and you still need to be absorbing insights that will expand your professional horizons. Whether you’re a martech practitioner looking to stay informed or a newbie trying to understand how martech can help you meet your goals, the comprehensive resources listed in this post will benefit you.

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