About Steve Offsey

Steve leads the marketing team at Pointillist. Prior to Pointillist he was CMO and GM Products at TandemSeven. Earlier in his career, Steve was VP Marketing at AIR Worldwide, where he was the top marketing leader on a team that grew annual revenue 5x to more than $100M, and VP Products at Verbind (sold to SAS Institute). Steve speaks and writes about a variety of topics, including marketing analytics, customer experience and agile marketing. Steve earned an MBA and PhD from Cornell and a BS from MIT.

Make Your Voice of Customer Program Actionable

How to improve your return on investment in platforms like Medallia, Qualtrics and Clarabridge By Steve Offsey Most organizations that have implemented a voice of customer program are happily collecting and analyzing multiple forms of customer feedback. But after an initial burst of excitement from obtaining real customer feedback, your CEO wants to know what’s driving [...]

Customer Data Analytics: How to Select the Best Tool for Your Needs

By Steve Offsey Your company is now competing based on customer experience, but you're only capturing feedback from a quarter of your customers and tracking maybe 1 out of 2500 interactions. You know you need the right customer data analytics tools to discover customer journeys, understand customer behavior and provide your customers with a better experience. [...]

How to Pick the Best Customer Journey Analytics Platform for Your Needs

Customer journey analytics is not a monolithic approach designed to address a single problem. All customer journey analytics tools do not include an identical set of capabilities, nor do they prioritize the capabilities they do include in the same way. This post is designed to help you find the best customer journey analytics platform for your business needs.

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Make Your Journey Maps Measurable with Customer Journey Analytics

To deliver on their promise, journey maps need to evolve beyond a fuzzy, static snapshot of customer experience and become measurable and dynamic. Here are 5 ways you can use customer journey analytics to make your journey maps measurable by turning them into dynamic visualizations of your customers’ real-time behavior and its impact on the KPIs your business is measured by.

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How to Improve Customer Experience Using Journey Analytics

The debate on the importance of customer experience is over. Nevertheless, CX leaders are finding it difficult to make the quantitative link between customer behavior and business outcomes, so they can move beyond relying on gut feel and qualitative data to prioritize decisions. In this post, I’ll describe how customer journey analytics can help you improve customer experience and make it actionable by directly tying customer experiences to hard metrics like revenue and profitability.

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5 Ways Customer Journey Analytics Can Impact Your Business Today

Companies are benefiting from customer journey analytics across marketing and customer experience, as the results are real, immediate and have a lasting effect. In this post, I’ll illustrate five ways you can use customer journey analytics to provide an immediate impact to your business through real use cases covering a variety of industries.

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What is Customer Journey Analytics?

If you find yourself asking ‘what is customer journey analytics?’ you are not alone. Customer Journey Analytics is the weaving together of every touchpoint that a customer interacts with, across multiple channels and over time. It connects millions of events into journeys from your customers’ point of view and is a data-driven approach to discovering, analyzing and influencing your customers’ journeys.

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