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Sleep well with cloud-based customer journey management that is flexible, scalable and secure

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Improve Customer Experience from Data to Insights to Action

Pointillist’s award-winning customer journey management platform enables organizations to deliver frictionless, connected and personalized experiences. By measuring, monitoring and orchestrating customer journeys, Pointillist solutions optimize CX and improve digital containment, contact center performance, escalation management and more.

Pointillist is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. The Pointillist Customer Journey Management platform is wholly hosted in AWS and leverages core Amazon technologies such as S3, Autoscaling Groups, ElastiCache, Kinesis and DynamoDB. You can rest easy knowing your solution is hosted by the leading cloud provider, which offers the industry’s:

  • Largest community of customers and partners
  • Fastest pace of innovation
  • Broadest network of data centers across the globe
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manage and maintain customer data privacy with journey management solutions

Enterprise-level Data Privacy, Security and Reliability

Pointillist inherits the strong security foundation provided by AWS’ secure, fault-tolerant global network. The AWS infrastructure is certified for a wide range of industry standards and Pointillist tenants inherit all those certifications at the infrastructure level.

Pointillist’s infrastructure, including network switches, load balancers, servers and shared storage devices, is managed and configured in conjunction with the AWS support team.

Get started with Pointillist on AWS

Pointillist is available on AWS Marketplace. If your organization is already an AWS customer, purchasing Pointillist through the AWS Marketplace provides clear benefits:

  • Accelerated purchasing/procurement process
  • Consolidated cloud spend (one bill from AWS)
  • AWS Marketplace purchases count against your committed AWS enterprise discount program spend
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