Why Pointillist
Pointillist reveals the critical paths consumers take as they engage with your brand across channels and over time, and predicts what they will do next. Our customer journey analytics software empowers marketers to discover new insights and drive optimal outcomes by influencing consumers at key points along their journey.
The Problem We Solve
Today's marketing technologies are narrowly focused on discrete campaigns or channels, not brand experiences from your customer's vantage point. That's what inspired us to start Pointillist. Our platform connects the dots between customer interactions and business outcomes across channels, programs and time. Our journey orchestration software makes it easy to track and optimize the experiences that matter to your customers and your company.
How We Help
Pointillist’s customer journey analytics platform automatically discovers patterns of behavior that drive business results. Omni-channel customer experience tracking enables marketers to easily identify unique customer segments at critical points in their relationship with your brand. For the first time, organizations can understand the right time, the right context, and the right individuals to engage to drive lift.
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